Thursday, March 13, 2008

Waiting for the weekend

I’m hoping to work on my BJD this weekend. I have started adding clay to the torso, and so far I think it is working out OK. I also want to try to experiment with making some eyes. I’ll take pictures and we’ll see if it turns out.
I’m so excited to see if I can get this BJD to work, I would love to eventually have them cast in resin and have a company. I would do very limited editions, probably no more then 10-15 of each. If I got popular I might do bigger editions. I think it would be great also to have maybe 5 in the edition that I would paint, costume and sell as one-of-a kind. I guess they would be considered OOAK even though they are molded. The terminology is very confusing to me. I would get my sisters to make costumes for the OOAK ones, my sisters are all wonderful seamstresses. I can sew, but I never got very good at it. Anyway I will take pictures when I’m able to work on my dolls and lets all hope I can find some time.

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