Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Race Report for El Vaquero Loco 25K

Well I have not kept up on this blog in such a long time, but I think about posting all the time. :) I will never promise that I will post more because I don't know if that will be possible. But I did participate in my first trail race so I thought I would post some comments on it.
Here is a picture of the start of my race. The race is in Afton Wyoming and the scenery is amazing. As much as I loved the location of the race, The beginning is the only time I really enjoyed it. The rest of the race was just a long death march to the end.

 Looking back at some of the trail that I had come on. I know that it looks relatively flat but trust me it is an optical illusion on this photo.
There was a little Carin on the trail. If you look close there is a small rock on the left that I added to the Carin. That was as much effort as I could do at this point in the race.
After a long climb you crested to see this lovely little lake.
Looking back up the steep decent to the lake.

After another long climb I created over another pretty lake.
With another very steep decent. I Think I fell a couple of times on this one.
At the base of the last peak. This one reaches 10 thousand feet. When I came around the corner and seen the last climb I really just wanted to cry. I was so tired and wanted to be finished.
Looking down from the top of the peak. It was a grueling three and a half miles of almost un-runable down hill to the finish. As I look back on this post and day I should have taken pictures of the volunteers at the aid stations that packed all the water and food in on horses or backpack for the runners.They were amazing and encouraging to everyone.  I should have taken some pictures of the finish line and the beautiful lake we were at. But I was tired and so done with it all. Even though my time to finish the race was dismal I am happy that I accomplished it.