Sunday, November 20, 2011

Live Model Class

This is the sculpture I am working on in the live model class. This has been a fun class because it has had so many new things that I have not tried before. One is working with WED clay, a water base clay that we will fire in a kiln. Second is working from a live model, this has been very challenging but also very exciting. Third, is that I have never tried to capture an ethnic look, so this has also been a challenge.
I think one of the next times I am in class I will take a picture of the model with my sculpture, I will post and see if you think I am capturing her likeness.

Updates to Sculpting Class

A few more updates to the sculpture in the class that I am taking. The top picture so me trying to add hair
The hair has been more of a challenge then I had initially thought it would be. The teacher explains it in shapes and ribbons. Easy to say but not so easy to implement.
The bottom couple of picture show more progress on the hair, I think it is getting a bit better.

The bottom picture of the latest updates. I think I am getting close to finishing this sculpture. Then I will need to start the molding and casting process.