Sunday, August 21, 2011

Boston and Back... and other things

So a few weeks ago my husband, two sons and I drove across the country to Boston so we could set up my oldest son in his family’s new apartment. My son will be attending Babson University and he and his wife have three children (a two year old and newborn twins) so it was out of the questions that they try to do this move on their own. It was also a nice way for us to spend some time with our oldest son before his new life starts across the country.

So we knew we were going to need to drive 10-12 hours a day to be able to get to Boston and start setting up the apartment before my son’s wife flew in with the babies and her mom. The first day across Wyoming seemed to be endless miles of rolling green velvet hills.

Seriously it looked like velvet to me!

We ended day one in Lincoln Nebraska, hot and muggy and limitless corn fields was all I can remember about Nebraska.

The next day was a blur I can’t even remember the name of the city we spent the night at. The only thing I remember is that I went for a run that night and there was a large cemetery by our hotel. I love running around cemeteries! They are always well maintained… clear of traffic… and come to find out what ever town I was in the runners that live there like to run around cemeteries also J The really cool thing was seeing fireflies in the cemetery!! I love them!!

I think I have a very romantic image of farms, I know the reality would not be an easy life.

So on we went… the next night was spent in Schenectady NY, and I feel in love with this city!! I can’t really put my finger on exactly why this city felt so nice, but it was lovely and quaint and felt very pleasant. I told my husband I would like to retire there and open a sweet little book store. I don’t think he has bought into the idea.

On to Boston… my son loves in Norwood and it was about a 4 hour drive from Schenectady to Norwood. The next couple of days were a whirl wind of moving furniture, unpacking, repacking and moving. (You don’t need to know that whole story). Then after all that we rode the subway into Boston and had a few hours to look around Boston.

What a fun place with tons of history, I can’t wait to visit my son and his family while they are there. We had dinner in Little Italy, and OMG!!! It was so yummy! It was wonderful to relax and enjoy dinner with my sons and husband.

The next day Emily (my son’s wife) the kids and her mom flew in and I got to spend a couple of days with all of them before we flew back to Utah. Like I said… it was a whirlwind! But nice to have them settled a bit before we left and good to know where they will be.

As for the “other thing” well I am still working on the flying fairy. I can’t believe how long it has taken me to finish this doll….Aughh my heart is just not into this project the way it needs to be. But I really need to get her done so I can move on to something new….nice segway LOL I have started a sculpting class at the BDAC. It is crazy that I have to drive all the way to Bountiful (30 or so miles) to take a sculpting class, but I am excited to learn and try some new processes and work with some different clays then I am used to working with. I am nervous that I won’t be ready for this, but after months of feeling stagnant I think this class will be good to shake some of that feeling. I guess we will see.

And one last thing and this is a gripe! What is happening to all the doll magazines? For the past little while every time I go to get a new doll magazine I can’t find them. The ones that I used to gobble up and anticipate every month are not there. Oh but I can find 6 different woodworking magazines, and I can’t even count how many scrapbooking/paper craft magazines there are. It makes me feel like my hobby/art is not valued…I am a bit miffed. I guess I am going to have to see if I can get a subscription.