Friday, March 16, 2012

Casting The Sculpture

Here are some picture of the casting process for this sculpture. First we removed the plaster outer mold. Then carefully separated the silicone mold, making sure that is didn't rip.

This picture shows the two mold pieces resting on the plaster pieces. I removed any clay that was stuck in the deeper creases of her hair.

So after a few layers of resin we filled the rest of the mold with expandable foam, and boy did it expand! Pretty crazy stuff!

Here is the cast of the sculpture. So now I need to figure out how I am going to finish her. Not sure what I want to do yet so for now she sits in my room in a box, kind of sad for her after all that work. So I better figure out something soon.

Molding the sculpture

So this sculpture is out of klean clay, a oil base none sulfur clay. It is pretty soft, much different from the polymer clay that I am used to sculpting with. So the above picture shows the finished sculpture. I was not completely thrilled with this sculpture. It was the first time I have sculpted hair and also the first time I have worked with this clay.

First layer of silicone for making the mold. I didn't know what color the silicone was before I purchased it. But since with sculpture was of my 4 year old grand daughter and her favorite color in pink. I was pleasantly surprised.

More layers of silicone, and the dividing area of the mold is built up.
Last but not least is the plaster layer.
This is a very time consuming and messing process. Very fun to learn!!

Leigh Bust

So I finished up the sculpture keeping her white. I painted her and then buffed places for a nice sheen. I also gave she some metal hoop earrings, the young lady that was the model for the sculpture thought that was fitting for her personality. She got accepted into the Eccles Art Centers Annual Black and White show. This picture was taken at the show, it's a bit wonky because all I have is my Iphone to take pictures. Maybe one day I will get a better camera. It was fun to have a piece of my art in an actual art show. Makes me feel like someday I might be an artist.

It has been to long

I can't believe how long it has been since I have updated my blog. I have felt overwhelmed lately and I guess this is one of the areas that gets dropped.
Today my boss was not at work so I decided to take half a day and go home. So besides some sculpting I decided to update some posts on my blog.
I am still taking the sculpture class on Thursdays, even though it is a drive for me and one more thing that seems to take time, but I have enjoyed it, I think I might take a break from it in the summer though.
Health wise I am still running, but not the mileage that I used to be able to do. My arthritis is coming back in my knee and my hip has never been the same since the pelvic stress fracture last year. But I have high hopes that thing will get better. I am participating (see I didn't say racing) in the Ogden Marathon. I will be doing the half marathon so I hope I can hold it together for that.
I will try to keep updates more frequent... here's to hoping :)

Finishing Up the Live Model Sculpture

To finish this sculpture I needed to hollow it out and prepare it to be fired in a kiln.

The face on a cushion after being cut off. And the rest of the head hollowed out.

And finally it is fired!