Friday, March 16, 2012

Molding the sculpture

So this sculpture is out of klean clay, a oil base none sulfur clay. It is pretty soft, much different from the polymer clay that I am used to sculpting with. So the above picture shows the finished sculpture. I was not completely thrilled with this sculpture. It was the first time I have sculpted hair and also the first time I have worked with this clay.

First layer of silicone for making the mold. I didn't know what color the silicone was before I purchased it. But since with sculpture was of my 4 year old grand daughter and her favorite color in pink. I was pleasantly surprised.

More layers of silicone, and the dividing area of the mold is built up.
Last but not least is the plaster layer.
This is a very time consuming and messing process. Very fun to learn!!

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