Tuesday, June 21, 2011

More Progress

A bit more progress on the flying fairy. She now has hands and arms. Her proportions look a bit off in this picture. It would probably help if a had a good camera instead of my phone. In person they are not so off.

Here is another picture at a different angle, I think the proportions look a bit better in this pic. All I know is I really need to finish her up so I can work on something else. I am getting to the point with her that I either need to finish her or throw her out.... I will try to be patient and finish her.

Slowly Getting There

So I don't think I have posted some of the health issues I have been having. I was diagnosed with a pelvic stress fracture a bit ago and have been going to physical therapy to get fixed up. Tonight while I was at PT I finally got to run on the treadmill without the harness assisting me!! You can't imagine how great that felt for me!! I feel like I am on the road to recovery. Things are getting Better Now :)