Wednesday, December 16, 2009

It's Been so Long

I have been so remiss with my blogging lately, and I deeply apologize. It’s not that I have not been doing anything worthy to blog about, just that I have not had the time to actually sit and write about it. I open my blog every night when I get home from work, and quickly check to see all the updates on the blogs that I follow. By the time I have read through all your updates, it’s time to get other things done.
I have had a few wonderful wintry runs around Ogden City and the Christmas Lights. This year has seemed to be particularly hard for me to enjoy my running. We started off colder then usual and I don’t remember having so much difficulty with slipping as I have this year. Maybe as I’m getting older it’s more the fear of falling that I don’t remember having so much.
I have also been enjoying my new sewing machine. Even though I have always loved to go into fabric stores and look and all the color and texture combinations, it has become even more exciting with all the added project ideas that seem to be swimming in my head. Now to find more time to get it all accomplished.
My sculpting has hit a point of frustration!! I really need to sit and bust through this mental block that I'm having with it. It's not good for me when I feel like this.
I'm looking forward to the long Christmas shutdown that my work has every year, and hope to put the time to good use.