Thursday, May 28, 2009

Updates of Fairy

So it has been a while since I have posted updated pictures of the fairy that I have been working on for my brother-in-law. I have had a few set backs for have now triumphed and so I'm here to
show you what I have accomplished:)

Cemitry is somthing that I have been really trying to work on, by the looks of these photos I still need alot of work at it. I don't know how other artist feel... but I have a love/hate relationship with my sculpts. It usually starts out as love... but as I progress and see my mistakes it slowly turns into hate. Or just dislike I should say, and that is where I am with this sculpt. I have a good dose of dislike. But I hope as I paint and dress her I will feel better about her.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ogden Marathon 2009

So I finished my seventh marathon yesterday. 4 hours 5 minutes and 7 seconds. It was a beautiful day, I could not have asked for better weather conditions. Cool at the beginning, I wore my sweat shirt until about mile marker 3, then nice til about 4 miles from the finish, then got a bit warm but not too bad. I was really hoping for a better finish time. To qualify to run the Boston Marathon I need to complete a marathon in 4 hours. I know it seems crazy to many non running people, I get asked why it's such a big deal to run Boston. It's hard to explain... maybe it's because you have to qualify to run it that makes it seem so important, maybe just the history to it. Anyway it's a goal that I have thought about after the first time I ran a marathon.
So what do I do with it now?... Goals are something that at one time you hope to accomplish... right? When do you give up and say this maybe something I will never accomplish. It's difficult to think about, I hope I have not got to that point just yet. I have goals with my running... goals with my sculpting... goals with just my life general. Maybe it's just that I need to rework some of these goals. I defiantly have plenty to think about for the next little while.

Monday, May 4, 2009

Long Runs

So the past few Saturday I have been running my longest runs in preparation for the Ogden Marathon. This is something that I always struggle with, and I don’t know if I will ever really get comfortable with long runs. I will be running seventh marathon and I’m still surprised that I can run that far. I didn’t start running until I was in my 30’s, I was always an active person, but never sports minded. Running has slowing become as much a part of my life as eating and sleeping. I have formed friendships that will last my lifetime, and garnered experiences I will never forget.
When it comes to preparing for a marathon, long runs are vital. Slowly building up your miles so that you body and mind can get used to running for more then three to four hours. Really… as I’m typing it does sound insane! Why would someone do this to themselves? It’s something that I really don’t have words to express. Most people would consider it torture. But I think it’s that internal drive to see what we can accomplish. Whether it’s running, school, art, we all have a need to accomplish things we can be proud of. That somehow sets us apart in a small way.
I feel privileged to belong to this small group of people that can call themselves marathoners not everyone can or will do it in their lifetime. I know that I will never stand on the winner’s podium and have my name announced. But I’m still out there every day adding up those miles on my legs.