Monday, September 6, 2010

Early Anniversary Trip

So in October Bill and I will be married 30 years... Yes can you believe one man can be so lucky LOL... just kidding :) But time has really gone by so fast, I can't believe it will be 30 years.
Well we took a trip to San Fransisco and had a wonderful time!

Alcatraz Island

Sausalito art festival.. great art...fantastic scenery!

China town... drug Bill all over the place!
Muir Woods hike was lovely! The trees are not as big as the redwood forest but they are still quite big.

Took a quick picture of the stage at the Orpheum Theater before the seat Nazi came over. I'm still listening to the soundtrack. I loved it!!
We had a great time! It's so hard to come back and get back into the normal things in life. But I guess that what vacations are all about. Hope we don't wait 30 more years before we take another fun trip together.

A bit more work on the new doll

I have done a tiny bit of work on the new doll, I have also bought the fabric that I will dress her in, but boy I have been having a hard time finding time to work on her.

I'm liking her quite a bit... this is a new process of making a breast plate, I have had a bit of trouble but seem to be doing a bit better now.

Here she is with a bit more paint. Most likely her eyes will be light blue or gray. This is just the dark outline color of her eye. I think she will be blond also... so what do you think so far?