Sunday, May 17, 2009

Ogden Marathon 2009

So I finished my seventh marathon yesterday. 4 hours 5 minutes and 7 seconds. It was a beautiful day, I could not have asked for better weather conditions. Cool at the beginning, I wore my sweat shirt until about mile marker 3, then nice til about 4 miles from the finish, then got a bit warm but not too bad. I was really hoping for a better finish time. To qualify to run the Boston Marathon I need to complete a marathon in 4 hours. I know it seems crazy to many non running people, I get asked why it's such a big deal to run Boston. It's hard to explain... maybe it's because you have to qualify to run it that makes it seem so important, maybe just the history to it. Anyway it's a goal that I have thought about after the first time I ran a marathon.
So what do I do with it now?... Goals are something that at one time you hope to accomplish... right? When do you give up and say this maybe something I will never accomplish. It's difficult to think about, I hope I have not got to that point just yet. I have goals with my running... goals with my sculpting... goals with just my life general. Maybe it's just that I need to rework some of these goals. I defiantly have plenty to think about for the next little while.

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Annette Vernon said...

Way to go sis! That is awesome. Oh I loved my appointment with Dr. Peterson and I sent out my saliva tests and got my blood test today. I am so happy to have someone that will treat our whole body and hormones or loss of hormones in my case. I have feeling this is the answer to most of my health problems!