Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Publicity For My Dolls

So the "Fresh Faces" article about me is finally out!! It is in Dolls magazine, September 2008 issue. I happy with the way it looks and how the article is written. I hope that getting some publicity will help with the sales of my dolls. Looking at the article I realize that I need to get myself busy and produce some new work. I have been struggling with the BJD, but I think I just need to set her aside and work on something else because I can't seem to get her how I want her, so all my time is spent there, with no results to show for it. It's just so frustrating! But I'm not going to dwell on the negative, that gets me know where but depressed, and that is the last thing I need. So, I scanned the article so I could post it here. Let me know what you think!


BabesbyBarb said...

Lori that article looks great, I could only look at the photos the type was too small to read, I hope I can find the magazine when it comes out to read it

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

Hi Barb,
Ya I had to scan it and then it was a pdf instead of a jpeg so it looks kind of wonky but at least you can see it a bit. I think it is in the September Dolls magazine.

Tami Eveslage said...

Congratulations on being published!!! your work is wonderful and you deserve it!