Thursday, July 24, 2008

Sister Dates

For a few years now, my sisters and I try to make sister dates. We are all creative, artistic people with different talents, but enjoy each other's company and love to share something artistic together. At the University of Utah had a wonderful exhibit here is a link to see some of it.

So all the sister's my Mom, Annette and my youngest daughters all spent the day at the museum. It was fantastic and being a hobbyist sculptor you can imagine how I felt looking at the sculptures of Rodin and many other's.

My sister Annette is a painter and loved the Modigliani, beside of course the Monet and Renoir. I have to say I gained a new appreciation for Dali, not usually one of my favorites. If you are in Utah and have a chance to visit this exhibit I highly recommend it!

This picture was from Picasso's blue period. I was listening to the narrator talk about how after the suicide of his friend he went into his blue period. And this picture is considered the peak of the period. As I listened it made me think of Scott's suicide, I could understand why someone would go through such a bleak period. Not wanting to paint with any bright or happy color's. This picture is defiantly how you feel after loosing someone you love.

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