Tuesday, April 22, 2008

To eBay or not eBay... that is the question.

I have recently started to sell the older doll that I have made during the past few years on eBay. They may be older, but they are still very beautiful dolls. Some I have liked better then others, in fact there have been a few that I wish I had not sold. I have sold them because being an artist who is not independently wealthy, I need to have money to buy supplies so that I can continue to sculpt, so, in turn I can continue to improve. I’m sure other artist out there understand the need to create. It is a driving force that unless you have felt it would be had to explain. I’m lucky to have three sisters who also understand this creative drive. Well, on eBay if you are just starting out and have not received feedback, buyers are not going to buy from you. I realized this so I have priced my dolls with a very low starting bid in hopes that I would generate interest, sell the doll and gain feedback. So far it has worked pretty well. I now have a whopping 11 positive feedback and have earned a yellow star by the number. Can we all say YAHOOO!!!! Now for my dilemma and question. I’m coming near the end of the older dolls that I’m willing to sell at the lower prices. I’m thinking about starting the eBay auction with a higher starting price, and also setting a reserve on the auction. I have not done this with the earlier auctions. I feel that my dolls are worthy of a higher price and I’ve also show with the feedback that I’m a reputable seller. (I know that 11 is not the highest… but it’s better then 0). So… should I do this? Do I risk making potential buyers unhappy with a reserve on the auction? What will they think when I do this? I don’t have an auction up at this time. But my eBay name is: happy_sculptor. I would appreciate comments on this. I will be thinking of how I should handle this. Hoping and praying for some answers until my next auction.


BabesbyBarb said...

Lori its been a while since I sold on ebay but I understand your plight, I have recently started to like my work enough that I don't want to sell it for pennies either, I know that I am not worthy of the huge prices yet but rather than just sell them too cheap I would rather keep them. So when I sell there again I am not sure how I will do it, I may test the waters with one and see if if can get a decent price without a reserve, but if not I will use a reserve, I think that starting them low will get bidders to bid then set the reserve to get what you are willing to sell them for, I think sometimes the high starting bids area deterrant to bidders so I prefer a reserve, its the same in the end it just is more attractive to bidders

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

Hi Barb, I think I will set a reserve and see how things go. I don't I will set it too high and all I can do is hope for the best. The thing is I need to money so I want to sell them, and also I hate having them around all I see are the flaws so if I don't box them up sometimes i end up tossing them in the garbage.

Baudette said...

Hi Lori,
I was actually surprised to see your dolls on eBay. I have bid on many of them myself but haven't won any. They are quite wonderful! If you do start selling newer works don't do the reserve thing. It drives us nuts. I'd rather know if I would be even close to winning right off. Just set a decent starting price and see what happens. I'm still going to try and win one at the lower price though!
Oh, you need to jazz up your auctions with all your accreditations and affiliations so people know how good you are!
Good luck to you!
Baudette DeHaven