Sunday, April 6, 2008

Mini Baby

Well the mini baby is dresses. I still don't think she is all that cute. I will be posting her on eBay this coming week. It has been a busy weekend and I didn't get to work on my dolls as much as I would have liked. I ran the WRC 1/2 marathon on Saturday and had a terrible run. I completely bonked and felt so crappy by the end. I was pretty waisted the rest of the day. Today I have been working a bit on the BJD I should say reworking her. I hate when I can picture the way I want it to work in my mind, but it doesn't translate to my hands. I think I reworked the ball in the hip socket at least three times. I 'm hoping that I can do some work in the evenings this week, but I'll see how it goes. Anyway here is a picture of the mini baby all dressed. My sister Denise makes the clothes for my dolls and she does a wonderful job. When I get the time I will put a link in the blog to her. I named the new baby Sweet Pickles, my sisters have told me that I need to have a story or something more personal on my eBay auctions. So when I looked at this new baby, the colors in her dress reminded me of my Aunt Gretta's sweet pickles, so that is her name.

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