Thursday, September 1, 2011

New Art Advetures

I have had a few months of feeling rather stagnant in my sculpting so I enrolled in a traditional sculpting class at an art center. I am trying my hand at a portrait sculpture. But I will be happy with a general humanoid likeness at this point in the process. I am really struggling with the softness to this clay, and unlike polymer clay there is no rubbery ness to it. I know that is not a word. But polymer clay has some bounce so to speak to it and this clay does not. I wanted a challenge and a new way to look at things and to try something new so I guess I got it! Hopefully
I will be happy with the finished product... Time will

Got some extra clay and was playing around with it to try and get a better feel for it. So I just messed with doing a relief try face. I was feeling pretty happy about her and then took her to class. Hmmm all I can say is I feel like I know nearly nothing about sculpting. The teacher gave me a few ideas so help me. One of my biggest issues is that I want everything to be smooth. The instructor feels that I am smoothing too much.

Last picture shows the teachers adjustments on the right, me trying to copy what he was teaching on the left.


Emily said...

I remember having that same issue when I took a sculpting class in high school. I wanted everything smooth! I hope you are having fun with the class and can emerge out of your funk- it's tough when something you enjoy also becomes something you dread. But you are so skilled, I love seeing the pictures of your creations!

Trudie said...

Thank you for sharing,and don't be so hard on yourself! Great potential in your sculpt. Keep going!