Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Flying Fairy Take 2

So the previous try at making a flying fairy was not acceptable this is something that my brother-in-law has asked me to make for him, and as much as I like fairies but am a bit tired of them. After this one I need to try something new.
Here is a shot of her face... I think the book I am reading about some Chinese sisters has somehow seeped into my fingers. I really was not intending on making as Asian looking face so I hope my brother-in-law doesn't mind. She seems a bit masculine to me, but hopefully I when she is painted and has hair that will change. I also don't really care for the glass eyes that I used. I would have liked to use white beads and paint the eyes but again that was not what the customer asked for so I used glass eyes. I think the pupils are a bit to big.

Here are a couple of body shots so far. I hope to add the rest of the arms and legs this week.


Rebag said...

I just love these dolls you create!! Would love to see the entire process from start to finish, I can only imagine all the hours this must take!

W. Tyler Metcalf said...

You're awesome Mom!

hapi said...

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