Saturday, April 2, 2011

Updates on Memory Doll

Here are a few updates on the doll that has been giving me so much grief. I still don't know if I will finish her... still not certain I like her. I guess I will see how I feel about her as I work on her a bit more.
She sits on a pedestal that has been covered with some gray and orange paper and some other decorations.
So there is a story behind this doll. If I ever finish her and sell her the money will go to the NAMI organization, in the name of my friend that I lost almost 6 years ago. The NAMI organizations color is gray, you know like breast cancer is pink and Aids is red. The orange is because when our family does the NAMI walk in our state we all wear orange.
Hopefully I will get her finished soon, but since I am not really liking the way she is looking she has been placed up on the shelf again, until I can figure out what needs to happen with her.


Brady said...

She looks so sad... there is a lot of emotion in her eyes that just sort of lingers with you. I think it'd be a shame to let her sit on a shelf.

Sophia Manco said...

Breathtaking. Simply breathtaking. I feel like I can relate to her... like I could reach out to the doll and tell her I understand her sorrows and reassure her.

Brady said...

Here is my contribution to your Memory Doll. I hope you finish her.

Lori Metcalf said...

Thanks Brady and Sophia for your lovely comments about this doll. I am hoping to finish her soon, but for now she will wait a bit.
Brady, I had read your post before you posted it here and found it very touching. I think it is the difficult things in our lives that shape to make us who we are. I don't know if we ever overcome this or maybe just learn to deal with it. I do believe that we should always look to the light and positive things in our lives. I know that God meant for us to have trials so that we can grow, but after that growth we need to move past the pain of the trial. This is usually easier said then accomplished.

Anonymous said...

Lori, I agree with the others who left messages to you... I really love this doll. She is so full of emotion which is something that many times lack in dolls. I hope that she will "whisper" to you who she wants to be so you can finish her. It would be a pity to not. I also completely understand about leaving the work on the shelf until you feel the inspiration to continue. I do it all the time. Blessings and hugs, carla of Incantostudios.