Sunday, January 30, 2011

Oh The Frustration!!

So here is a doll that I had wanted to finish for a contest that I had seen out on the web. The deadline is tomorrow, as you can see I will not make the deadline :( Between my new commute and added stress that I have been having with the new position at work and then trying to train for a half marathon in a few weeks I have not devoted enough time to her. Today I thought I would be able to get her done, but then..... CRACK!!! You can't see it in the pictures, still need a new camera, but her shoulder has cracked.

I am so sad!! I have not been feeling particularly creative lately, feels like I have lost my ability to sculpt. I know that some of it is because I just don't have the time to do it.
I will try to repair her tonight, if I can't get it to work she will sadly sit on my shelf until I feel I have the ability to fix her. My dear brother in law has patiently been waiting on me to make him a new fairy... so I need to man-up and try to get it done. I hope that soon I can get over this hump and on to a more productive/happier time.


Flora said...

Life happens and that doll would have been a winner, heck she already is,her features are very stunning!!!!

Nicky CC said...

So sorry to hear about her little crack Lori, but she definitely is beautiful and well worth finding the time when you are ready to get her fixed again, I agree with flora she is truly beautiful and is definitely a winner! xx