Sunday, March 20, 2011

Moab Half Marathon 2011

Waithing for the bus ... all the lovely people who volenteer to help out at this event. I am always so greatful that they are there.

So I have ran many 1/2 marathons before but this was the first time I ran one with my husband. I was so excited to share this experience with him. This is one of the most beautiful races and one of my favorite. Bill has never really wanted to run with me, but after the surgery on my knee he started to run with me. I think at first I really wanted him with me because I was afraid that I would start hurting and wanted someone with me. But the more we ran together the more we started to enjoy that time together. When he agreed to run this race with me I was overjoyed.
We checked in to our hotel and got our race packets, then dinner and sleep :)
In the morning we boarded the buses for the ride up the canyon.

Once they drop you off up the canyon you we had about 45 minutes before the race.

So Bill and I stood around trying to keep warm with 5000 of our new friends.

Here we are walking up to the start line with our new friends :) It was a great day, a bit windy for my liking but other then that I loved it!

Bill at the finish line!! He had enough energy he probably could have run another 5-6 miles!

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Deanna said...

congratulations on the race and the great time with Bill. And a week later, me and mine were down there to enjoy the same beautiful place.