Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas Vacation

I’m so excited to have my Christmas vacation from work… today is my last day! I don’t have to be back to my desk until January 4th! I have a massive list of all the things I want/need to do here is what I have so far.
Get some good running done in the morning
Work on and hopefully finish the doll that I’m working on
Start a new doll
Read, finish the book I’m currently reading
Spend some time with my grandkids
Spend some time with my children and husband
One day is already set up to help my sister organize her sewing room. I will try to get some photos of this process because I think/hope the transformation will be amazing
I would like at least two pajama days… I will settle for one, but I’m hoping for two. These are days when I don’t get out of my jammies (duh) it can be combined with the reading/sculpting or sewing sometimes it is just combined with a movie or two.
So there is my list so far, I may add or subtract from it as needed.
I hope that you have some wonderful plans for yourselves and for you families, during the holidays.

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Deanna said...

That sounds like a wonderful plan. Enjoy the days, relax and play with everyone and everything.