Thursday, February 18, 2010


There are occasions when you need to take some time and reflect. I guess this is one of those times for me. Starting mid December I was getting some regular knee pain when I was running. I did the usual of icing and stretching etc. But it continued to get worse! I have experience numerous running type injuries during the years that I have run, and I have always recovered and been able to continue with my running. After a visit with the doctor I have been on a no running schedule, much to my disliking, I have had to find alternative ways to get my exercise bug satisfied. He prescribed some anti-inflammatory medication, then after a week of them I could try running on the treadmill again. Last night had been my trial to see if I could run again. I only made it ½ a mile before I was in too much pain to go farther. This was devastating to me! My option now is to have cortisone injection when I see the doctor on Tuesday. I’m really not looking forward to this and wonder if this will be the fix to get me over the inflammation in my knee. I will keep you posted.
I have also been trying to get some doll work in but my doll mojo has also decided to take a break. I have all the ideas floating in my head but as I try to bring them to life I have only been disappointed with the efforts. Wow when it rains it pours! I know that time will heal my knee and eventually the flow of ideas with reach my hands I will sculpt with some success, but until then I will tread water.


Deanna said...

I'm so sorry the knee did not get better with the rest you gave it. Keep looking up and know with the warmer weather everything is growing and improving. Love & Kisses.

julietk said...

Being in pain can really sap the old mojo. I hope your knee is soon on the way to recovery.

LMPartdolls said...

Hi Lori,
I'm sorry to hear of your melancholy mood. Not being able to run and then have your doll mojo take a vacation as well can really bring a gal down. I have been in that melancholy mood too lately and understand how you are feeling. I finally decided to insiste that my doll muse return to me; that her vacation was over with. haha Perhaps you just need to take control of your doll muse as well. Sometimes they can be persnickity!

Much love to you and a speedy recovery for you knee and your mojo!