Saturday, January 16, 2010

Sister Date Doll

My sisters and I have been having periodic "Sister Dates" they are comprised of doing some craft/art projects together. It's always a great time, laughing and joking and feeding off each others talents. Over a period of I think three sister dates, we made doll bodies, wigs and dressed these 1920 replica boudoir porcelain dolls. I finally got a picture taken of mine. Not a very good quality photo (I took it with my phone and the lighting was not good) but I at least wanted to mark that I had finished her. She is still sitting in my bedroom. I really quite like her.


BabesbyBarb said...

She looks great, I enjoy doing things with my sister too. It's great when you both share the same passion for art and dolls.

Marion said...

Oh, I love her!!! You are just TOO talented!!!!