Saturday, January 16, 2010

Hazy Days of Winter

For the past few weeks Utah has had some of the worst air quality in the nation. As a runner this makes it difficult... do I run in the pollution and risk breathing all the bad air, or do I banish myself to run of the treadmill and save my lungs but risk my mental stability. I for one have been running on the treadmill... this has not made happy running times for me. I did get one reprieve, today I went snowshoeing with my running friend and our husbands.
Once you get up above the pollution and in the mountains it is fantastic! Blue sky, sunshine, warmer temps and sparkling snow! Ahhh it was good for my soul to see the blue sky.
We are supposed to get storms this up coming week, lets hope it will clean out our air!

The blue at the top of the pictures I posted is not the sky. I took them while in my car, so that is the top of my windshield.

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BabesbyBarb said...

those mtns are pretty, what part of Utah are these at. We went through the Colorado side Of Utah but did not see the rest of it. Maybe one day we can.