Sunday, July 26, 2009

Birthday Run with Sue

Yesterday was mine and Sue's annual birthday run. We both have July birthdays and we started this tradition about 7 years ago when we met and became running friends. Last year Sue had running injuries and so we were not able to do it. It made this year all the sweeter! This top picture is of us at The Oaks restaurant in the Ogden canyon, it's part of our tradition to have breakfast here after our run. You can just see a tiny bit of the river behind us. It's a fun place to eat.

This is a picture of The Oaks restaurant, where we have breakfast. It's lovely to sit outside by the river enjoying breakfast with a wonderful friend.

Look how dirty our legs were after we ran!! 11.43 miles round trip! We ran from the top of wheeler canyon to Ogden outlook. I wish I could run with the camera so I could have a picture of the view from the outlook.

Here we are after our run... sweaty and smiling that we have accomplished this run again!! It was so fantastic!

The view from the parking lot/dirt lot at the top of wheeler canyon, looking off to the west, this was the direction we ran. I think the far peeks are where we ran to.

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