Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Thanksgiving, Family and all the Crazy Stuff

I was able to get up and do the Thanksgiving Day turkey run at the hospital in South Ogden. It was fun and I got to see my running friend Phil at the race. He was nice enough to run most of the race with me.
Thanksgiving was wonderful, I had most of my family over to my house, and some that didn’t have dinner with us showed up to have pie later in the day. I cooked a 20 pound turkey and a 10 pound ham and the sisters, sister-in-law and daughter brought all the other things that make Thanksgiving so wonderful. It’s fun to just relax and chat with family… see what everyone has been up to and give thanks that we are all healthy, happy and doing relatively well.
I got to spend the rest of my Thanksgiving break catching up on a lot of the things I have been putting off then I started getting the house ready for Christmas. My youngest daughter and I got the tree up and the lights on, and then she finished doing all the decorating of the tree. I have to say it looks real cute she did a great job! I need to finish some of the other decorations but for now it’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas at the Metcalf house!
I was able to work for a good amount of time on a new baby. So far I have the head completed and I have started one leg. I need to work on her more if I’m going to make the January 1st deadline for the contest. I will try to get some pictures posted of her.
Check out this artist... I love her work! Gives me lots of ideas for BJDs!!!

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