Monday, December 22, 2008

Lincoln Tyler Metcalf

Lincoln Tyler Metcalf

Well my new grandson was born December 19, 2008. He arrived at approximately 12:40 in the afternoon, weighing in at 7 pounds 13 ounces, 21 inches long. He is healthy and handsome. Mom and Dad are doing well also. I have to say that being a grandma is probably one of the funnest things in my life. You get all of the fun without nearly as much work or worry. It is a different experience being the grandma on the fathers side, it's not bad just a different perspective. So far I think my son is shaping up to be a very good father. I know it is less than a week and really it doesn't get hard for at least 15-17 more years, but it's fun to see what a proud papa he is. Also his lovely gentle side.

The New Metcalf Family :)

Happy Daddy!!

Lincoln getting weighed.

Emily - so happy to finally met Lincoln!

Grandma Lori Finally getting to hold him :)


Anna said...

Your grandson is very very beautiful!

BabesbyBarb said...

you have a beautiful family and that baby boy is just precious

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

Thanks ladies... he is getting so big, and even more beautiful!