Sunday, November 2, 2008

Diane Keeler Class

Finally some pictures from the class I took with some of my local doll friends. Diane Keeler is an exceptional artist and one of the most generous teachers I have ever taken a class from. It was three days of tons of fun, learning and friendship with some great doll friends.
I hope that I can retain some of the knowledge that I got from this class, and better yet would be that I can play dolls soon. It seems that this past few weeks that been crazy busy with other thing, or worse I have not been feeling the best after I do my nightly run, and now with day light savings thing its dark before I can even get done with the things I have to do :( This dose not make me the happiest person to be around. I really need to reschedule my day some how. Any suggestions? I'm open for anything.

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