Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Post Doll Class Blues

Well I have been anticipating...or participating doll classes for the past few months, and now they are all finished. Which leads me to the post doll class blues. This is where you have tons of new knowledge and hopefully new skills, combined with the reality that you don't have enough time in the day to practice these new skills and ideas. I have been slowly trying to get some new things accomplished but I'm painfully slow. If I must admit it I have not even unpacked most of my supplies that I took to the classes. I also need to file away all knew new handouts.
On top of all this are the holidays, looming on the horizon of my calendar, and as always I'm unprepared as of today. So the goal here is to buck up and get the jobs done!!! Wish me luck in all my projects, tasks, daily activities!
Still need to post more pictures from th Ball Joint Doll Class, and the class I attended from Diane Keeler... Hmmm hope that will happen soon :)

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