Sunday, June 29, 2008

Scary Baby

I had to dig all the way around the new baby's eyes and even into the bridge of her nose to try and get her to stop cracking. I love working with polymer clay but sometimes it seems to seems to fight me. I'm not certain if it is due to the armatures, or the curing that sometimes makes it crack. I tend to think it is more to do with the armatures. This baby is built on an old armature that I have had for a while. I won't say where I purchased it here on the blog. But I have had difficulty with this brand armature before. I talked with the artist that sales it and was told if I wrapped it in foil it would eliminate the cracking issue. Well like I said I have had this armature for a few years, I wrapped it in foil but it looks like I'm still having cracking issues. Maybe it's because it is older, but I doubt that. I think I will stick to making my armatures with foil from now on.
Keep your finger crossed that the cracking is over and I can finish this baby once and for all :)

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Brady Frost said...

That's one scary bebe!