Thursday, June 12, 2008

Weekend Wishing

We just got done with my oldest son’s wedding. It was very beautiful, but I’m happy that it is over. We had two graduations, one bridal shower, Mothers Day, wedding rehearsal and wedding all within 6-7 weeks. And my sisters and I did all the flowers for the wedding. More my sisters then me :) So, I’m very happy the craziness has at least slowed down.

I long for the slow and lazy days of my summer as a young girl. Do you remember those times, before work, kids and responsibility? Hmmm lying around in the hot sun in our swimming suits reading trashy romance novels and drinking cold drinks. Just the slow moving days of our youth. Probably late junior high or high school. I see it now with my youngest daughter. The contentment that she dose not have much to worry about. Only responsible to do a few things, she has time to read, hang with friends, and relax. Her days move by at the slow summer pace I remember. Then I see the contrast with my oldest son. He is just starting a new life with more responsibility then he has had in the past. More bills, more obligations, more, more, more. His days of slow lazy summers are a thing of the past.
The life scale baby that I had posted in the previous post is about to send me over the wall. I have had to repair her at least 6 times, and even now she sits on my table with her eyes about dug out so that I can again, repair the cracks that keep forming in the corners of her eyes. I don’t know what to do. If she keeps this up I think she will end up in the trash. So keep you fingers crossed and hope that this weekend will have a different outcome. Let’s all pray that she decides not to crack any more. I’m also hoping that I finish Jen Printy’s fairy. She needs her wings and hair… then I will mail her off to Jen. Keep your fingers crossed that all this can get accomplished.

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