Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Florence Cont. - American Military Cemetery an Memorial

On our way out of Florence we stopped at the American Cemetery and Memorial. What a beautiful and peaceful place!

 The Florence American Cemetery and Memorial site in Italy covers 70 acres. The wooded hills that frame its western perimeter rise several hundred feet. Between the two entrance buildings, a bridge leads to the burial area where the headstones of 4,402 of our military dead are arrayed in symmetrical curved rows upon the hillside.
One of the ladies that was in our group was able to find her friends father's grave and the people at the cemetery gave her a flag and some other information to give to her. It was very special. This last picture is the view you see from the cemetery. I thought to my self as I looked out that I hope the families that chose to bury their loved ones here are comforted to know that they are in a beautiful place and that they are treated with the utmost respect.

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