Saturday, November 6, 2010

Collective Soul :)

I love the band Collective Soul. I bought tickets to their Wendover concert for Oct. 22, 2010. The concert was already close to sold out and I had to buy separate ticket for my husband and I, so we were not even sitting with each other... but I just really wanted to see them. It had been a long time since I had seen them in concert. In fact it was 11 years, because it was the night my first grand daughter was born.

We stopped in Toole for gas and dropped into a Taco Bell for some chow... and who would walk in!!!
You got it the Collective Soul band!!! I could not even breath! So I took a couple of picture of them ordering food and talking. Sorry guys!

Then my husband asked Dean if I could get a picture with him. When I finally found my voice I explained how much I loved them... so much that we (hubby and I) could not even get seat together.

They are such nice men that they fixed it so we could get better seats together!! Wish again that I had a better camera with me. But I can tell you, I will remember this day and that concert for the rest of my life!

Their music has been with me through all the runs to train for my marathons.

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Marion said...

That is AWESOME!!! How cool!! :)