Friday, October 7, 2011

Two Steps Forward...One Step Back

Here are a few updated from the previous week at my sculpting class!

Last night was my sculpting class again. I enjoy this class, but there are some things that make it difficult and frustrating.
One is the drive, it is a 30 or so min drive to the class, then you add onto that, that I am 30-35 minutes in the opposite direction at my job and that amounts to a lot of driving.
Second is that it is only 2 hours, but he lets you come and work when you can so I try to go early and get a bit more time on my sculpt. Some of the students that live close can come on other days and work. Makes me wish I lived closer.
Third, the class is not a structured class… meaning that you are pretty much on your own and the teacher moves around and helps where needed. This is good in some ways and not so good in others. I think I crave more structure then what is given in the class, but I also don’t want to be held back when someone new arrives so I don’t really see how this will change, except maybe my attitude about it.
There is a bright side note to this issue. Starting the middle of Oct. he (the teacher) will start a 6 week live model class, so that will be a structured class where we will be sculpting a bust from looking at a live model. I think this sounds difficult, interesting and fun. So I think I will sign up to participate. And on a side note, to this side note, the model will be an African American woman so I can see if I can capture the nuances of this nationality… that should be fun and challenging!

Some more updates, and a reference shot to give you an idea how big she is.

So my evil sculpting nemesis, symmetry raised its ugly head at me last night in class… Aughhh!!! I think I will never shake this!! One of the struggles of sculpting this way is that I am used to holding the small doll head and being able to move is around in my hand to see all the angles that you need to make sure you are as symmetrical as possible. Not that I always succeed even with the small doll head. With a head this size and it bolted to a wooden block, standing on a sculpting stand, you area bit more limited at being able to pick it up and look at it in all the different angles. Sure you and see the profiles, bend down and look up at it etc. So the instructor came by to look at my sculpture and commented that one eye was set back a bit from the other. Really??? Stink! Now that he pointed that out I had no choice but to fix it!! Two steps forward...One step back

She still needs lots of adjusting, I'm not sure about her hair. It will just have to wait til next week.

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Sarah Niemela said...

Looks great Lori! You are lucky to have a teacher so close!