Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Baby Steps

So yesterday I took a baby step without even realizing it until later in the day… Let me go back so that I hope I can tell this so it will make sense. I have blogged before about always making some sort of excuse for my art. I have blogged about not being able to call my doll room a studio, because studios were for professional artists and I’m just a hobbyist. And most of the time when people find out about my doll sculpting I always preface it with “It’s just a hobby” or “I just do it for fun” Both are true statements, but they also seemed to undermine my talent. It’s true that I’m not comfortable thinking I have talent, or to say out loud that I’m artistic. I don’t know why, maybe it sounds pompous to me, but I’m just not comfortable getting compliments or making statements about myself.

Another side not to the story (boy I hope this all makes sense when I’m done) a year or so ago I helped out on a team building activity at work. One of the things we had to do was draw on an apron, things that were important to us personally. Across the bottom I drew my family… then on the top mountains, I really love the mountains here in Utah. In the middle I drew three things… me running… a bike… and an artist’s pallet. I don’t paint, but a lump of clay would have looked weird.

So, back to my original point, I had to wear that apron at work yesterday to help serve up root beer floats for a fund raiser. When I was back to my desk a co-worker asked about my apron, I told him they were drawings of things that were about me. He pointed to the artist’s pallet and asked if I was an artist. I said yes but I’m a sculptor, and explained that I didn’t want to draw a lump of clay my apron. And there you have it!! I said “I’m a sculptor” no excuses or explanations. I was able to just let it be and be happy with the statement. Who knows maybe soon I will be able to say “I’m an artist”! Or “I’m talented” Whoa… hold on there… just baby steps.


Deanna said...

When I talk to people about what I do (weaving) and what my sisters do (sculpting dolls, creating costumes, painting) everyone tells me we are all artists. Lori as my youngest sister, I think you are the most talented of all of us.

Brady said...

You're leaps and bounds ahead of me. Maybe I will call myself a writer once I've sold something... until then I just write things.

deanna said...

It's great that you are recognizing your skill and talent. You need to respect that.

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

Deanna...I love you sis and thanks so much for the compliment. You are all so talented I have often said they talent gene in our family got watered down by the time it came to me. I see in my sisters their great desire for details and strive to accomplish it with my art.

Lori Metcalf Dolls said...

I have read all your stories and I'm always so impressed with your ability to communicate and paint a wonderful story for readers. You are most certainly a writer.